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Fiberygoodness and Natalie Redding are ecstatic to bring the fiber community  the chance of a lifetime…never before has content on dyeing been offered on this level.  We proudly present you, Natalie Redding’s advanced dyeing techniques in her new course, “Color Me Beautiful”.  This course is for graduates of “Natalie Redding’s Dye Secrets who want to become highly proficient, advanced dyers.  This is the second of the three courses you need in order to gain your Master Dyer Certification through In this course, “Color Me Beautiful”, Natalie will take you beyond the mechanics of dyeing and into the world of true color artistry.  The secrets she will be sharing is the type of information that dye masters typically go to their grave without sharing.  These are the advanced methods that Natalie has painstakingly developed over years of experimentation that have helped her to become phenomenally successful with her own business.  Natalie DyeingtxtNot only is the content of this course of the highest caliber, but also, you  get to interact directly with Natalie as we make use of LiveStream technology to bring you a real interactive online learning experience.  This method of delivery gives you the best of all worlds:  the comfort of learning at home with a live instructor — not just canned video tape.  You are invited right into Natalie’s kitchen to watch and learn how to create amazing gradients in any colorway, how to make your colors radiate and pop and the most advanced techniques for producing glowing iridescent results. You will also go way beyond dyeing just fiber.  As you develop total control and confidence with your dyes, you will learn how to dye yarn finished items after you have spun, knit or felted them! And, as the icing on the cake, this course is going to cover the thing that will make or break you if you are selling online:  Natalie will also teach you how to get beautiful, quality photos to do justice to the beauty you have created! rainbowover2 Just as with the first Dye Course, this one will be offered in 7 parts:  a teaching session with its companion study session. Each session will be almost two hours worth of information. You will have the chance to ask questions during the session and get the answers from Natalie straight away. It will be interactive, mega fun, informative, and will open whole new windows of dyeing possibilities for you! Livestream will be delivered via a private You Tube channel, so if you can watch You Tube you can join the course! You will also be able to re-watch the video as often as you like for a limited period following the completion of your course, from your Members only course page on!

To enhance your learning experience, with this course we will again be providing you with digital ‘textbooks’ to accompany the course!   After the release of each Livestream session, you will be provided with clear written instructions for the techniques included in the Livestream, so you will have a quick-find reference resource at any time! Jump to any section in the book and get the information you need in a easy to follow text. Natalie Antique Are you ready to sign up and get your dye on?! Check the course program page for session dates and times and then jump on in, you already know how amazing Natalies Live Classes are after having completed the first step in your Dye Mastery Certification program! Enjoy more of the same fun and entertaining sessions packed with new and exciting advanced techniques!  Go to the ‘Sign Up Page” now to enrol! (Current students only – so you must be logged in!)

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