Welcome to the Fiberygoodness Course information page! Here you will find links to  our current, ongoing, and upcoming courses.

Some of our courses are available for enrolment at any time, the guided classes will have periodic Enrolment openings so each group will start together.

We are striving to continue to add new courses and materials as a continuing process, so if you don’t see something here that speaks to you right now, do come back another time and see whats new!


Journey to the Golden Fleece Creativity in Fiber Certificate

Our guided ‘flagship’ course takes you on your own Fiber Hero Journey, designed to boost your creativity and expand your spinning boundaries. This is a ten month online, supported course, that concludes with a final project and the awarding of the FiberyGoodness Creativity Certificate. For this course we are proud to be in partnership with  Majacraft, who have custom built the Golden Fleece Circular looms used in the course, and have also provided some gorgeous Golden Fleece badges for those who complete the course. Click HERE  or on the image above, for complete course information and enrolment. OPENING AGAIN SOON!


ENROLMENTS REOPENING SOON! Working your way through a series of seven modules at your own pace, each containing step by step spin and fiber prep instructions and accompanied by stories to inspire and connect, the end result will come to life in the form of your own story, a yarn record book you will create in which you become the Archivist or the Philosopher, the Victorian adventurer discovering and recording, or the writer of the future.. Each one of these creations will be unique and amazing as you build your own fibery heirloom! This will be encased in the gorgeous wooden book covers we designed especially for this course by the wonderful folks at Majacraft!



First SPIN and then WEAVE the Woolwench way! Enrol and start this course at any time! A fun and easy project based approach contained in short course designed to span four weeks but suitable as a ‘work at your own pace’ journey too! Design and Spin unique yarns and then Weave them with the No-Rules approach! Read more about it on the Course page ENROLMENT IS OPEN at any time!


Enrol at any time to Spin big smooshy bulky yarns! Join Suzy through three videos and more than two and a half hours of bulky spinning lesson content, learn about fiber choice, wheel setup, spinning techniques, plying, and have fun with the exercises and practice homework! By the end of this course you will be spinning bulky lofty yarns that you will love to work with in all your most cuddly projects!


ENROL AT ANY TIME! This wonderful knitting class will take you through everything you need to know to understand knitted sock construction and knit your own custom fit socks! You can use your own handspun or any commercial sock yarn (we all love to ‘collect’ those). You will use these techniques over and over.



ENROL AT ANY TIME in this inspirational and instructional course. Learn how to create outstanding photographic images of your fiber art, guided by Evanita Montalvo, then take this to the next level with Suzy Brown and get practical with online ‘branding’ to make those beautiful images uniquely identifiable as ‘yours’.


ENROL AT ANY TIME in this Four Part Video course, presented by Suzy Brown (Author of the Big Book of Fibery Rainbows). During this course you will learn how to create the most amazing and dynamically rich colour blends using hand combs, and then how to use a Hackle for colour management, creating unique designer combed ‘top’ for your spinning pleasure! Read more about the in depth course on the Course Info page.

Enrol at any time and work through the fabulous video demonstrations and course notes to produce your own stunning Turkish Spindle spun yarns! Evanita Montalvo takes you through the whole process, from creating your leader, winding on for beautiful turtles, and three methods of plying. Read more about this awesome class on the information page, click the banner or HERE to be magically transported!


Blending Colour: Record Journal

Colour blended fibers create the most beautiful visual mixes of subtle, and rich colours, unachievable with dyeing. This stand alone online short course is self study, and comes to you as a downloadable PDF coursebook, including the record keeping pages you need to create your own Blending Journal. Working through the exercises should give you a good understanding of how colours work together in a mix, and how to use a range of fiber blending tools and equipment to make your own rich and stunning colour mixes,  you can come back to your recipe and repeat it to get the same kind of results each time.  This course is a great accompaniment to our Big Book of Fibery Rainbows, in the course you will find even more information on adding tints and tones to your colours and excercises to get you practicing! Read more about it and enrol HERE or on the image above!    Please note: For a more in depth course on colour blending, please also see ‘Dynamic Colour Blending‘; our video course that goes deeper into the art of blending with Combs and Hackles.

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