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Fiber Dyeing Mastery Awaits You…

Mastering the art and science of dyeing fiber has long been a realm of secrets and mystery.  Learning from books only takes you so far and artists closely guard their best techniques. But, true advancement in any discipline can only occur when everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow from each other which is part of our mission at Fibery Goodness.

“I have taken some other online classes, most were like watching paint dry, Natalie is really interesting, entertaining, and she really knows her stuff!”  (Judy Sysak)

In offering the Dye Secrets with Natalie Redding, we knew we had taken an important step to unlocking the door to the magical, mystical world of fiber dyeing.  But, that was just the FIRST step towards creating a process for students to gain very in depth knowledge of fiber dyeing and dye artistry.  Therefore, we are thrilled to present the only program of its kind:


Yes, that is right.  In conjunction with Natalie Redding, we will be offering the most comprehensive series of fiber dyeing course available anywhere.  And, the beauty of it is, you don’t have to spend your hard earned dollars on travel costs to get this incredible education.  All classes are delivered “Real Time’ and interactive using Live stream technology via the internet and your computer.  After each session, you are provided with a transcript of the class and a follow up study session with Natalie to ensure that you get the most out of the learning experience. At the end of the course your transcripts are combined into a beautiful textbook for you to download and enjoy forever, plus you retain access to the series of videos you participated in during the course for a limited time, so you can recap and revise.

Just like any in depth certification process, there are several parts to the qualification.  We have designed a three part program with each being a prerequisite for the next.  The series begins with the amazing “Dye Secrets” class, the introduction to dyeing, in which Natalie teaches the unique and fool proof methods she has developed for creating stunning dyed fiber.  Next, you will move onto the “Color Me Beautiful” Class that covers advanced techniques for creating special effect fibers such as shiny iridescents and delicate pastels.  The third and final class in the program is the “Colorways” class, in which Natalie teaches you how to create gorgeous color palettes, shares her special “recipes” with you, and provides you with the skills to design your own colorways too!

On completion of all three courses, and fulfilling all the set requirements of each course, you will receive your Master Dyer Certification!  You will be able to hold yourself out to the world as a Certified Master Dyer and receive a printed certificate for framing as well as get a digital badge to display on your website which is a testament to the hard work involved in achieving this level of skill and ability.  You will also be added to our Fibery Goodness list of “Master Indie Fiber Dyers”, which will become a wonderful resource for those in search of highly skilled dyers.  We will also showcase your dyed fibers in our dedicated Master Dyers gallery!

While we will be focused on ensuring that each and every course participant learns the skills needed to pass the courses and gain their certificate, there will be some who especially shine.  Those students who pass the program with distinction will also be invited to participate in further intensive, small group training with Natalie with the goal of qualifying to teach these unique Natalie Redding Dye techniques themselves!  This “post graduate” training will require the submission of dyed fiber for full assessment and participants will be required to show their full range of dye mastery as well as their ability to share their knowledge in a classroom setting.

“I love the way you teach and share your knowledge Natalie, thank you!” (Ardis Lunn)

These classes are designed for dyers at all levels.  Even if you are an already experienced dyer, there are PLENTY of new techniques, information, and innovate ways to dye fiber. Most importantly, Natalie’s philosophical approach is to enable you to really understand what you are doing and why, so you can troubleshoot “problem” dye projects.  Because of this and the way the knowledge is built over the course of the series, we are unable to offer the courses as a “one off”, each course becomes a prerequisite for the next as you build your knowledge to become a “Master Dyer” and start achieving results like this!nataliedye

Please see the individual course pages for more information on each class, dates and class times, and the sign up button.  

Read more about each course and sign up to get started on your Certification Program with the following links!





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