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    Elizabeth Moore

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    Emma Spence

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    Jen Eddington

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    Jessica Jenkins

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    JoShell Koliva

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    Julienne Hanson

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    Karen Katsaros

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    Katie Wright

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    Roxanne Zahller

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    Randi Winters

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    Donella Wilson

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    Emily Williams

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    Trudy Wheeler

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    Faith Welsh

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    Faith Welsh

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    Faith Welsh

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    Crystal Webb

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    Dina Warren

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    Wae Wang

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    Juliana Waechter

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    Julie Truffert

Module Two Student Yarns (The Road of Trials)

Module Three Student Yarns (The Vision Quest)

Module Four Student Yarns (Meeting the Goddess)

Module Five Student Yarns (The Boon)

Module Six Student Yarns (The Magic Flight)

Module Seven Student Yarns (Master of Two Worlds and the Freedom to Live)

Module Eight Final Projects (Imparting Wisdom)

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