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Weaving is such a fantastic way to use your yarns! Majacraft offers us the tools we need to truly release our creativity and weave with freedom and versatility. The Dynamic Heddle loom is unique among Rigid Heddle looms, with features that provide maximum choices in both warp and weft, along with a heddle system that is not only versatile but also easy to use with magnetic clips and variable reeds.

The wonderful Circular looms have a shared history between Majacraft and Fiberygoodness, originally developed to our design for release with the Journey to the Golden Fleece creative spinning course, these looms have proven very popular and the circle weaving craze has spread!

We hope you will join us in our passion for weaving! Scroll down for products, tutorials, and videos!

Majacraft Dynamic Heddle Loom
Majacraft Dynamic Heddle Loom
The Majacraft Dynamic Heddle loom enables innovative and creative weaving. Instead of a fixed set of reeds, this loom features laser cut reed segments in different dent sizes. You can choose to weave with a set of the same reeds, or try mixing them up for warping with thick and thin yarns in your warp! Finally the best solution for weaving with art yarns, rather than squashing them in as weft only (and the resulting 'flat' weaving this creates) you can allow your textured and art yarns to breathe n the warp, giving you a wonderful drape in your final weaving and allowing your yarns to stretch out in all their glory along the length of your piece!

Rather than awkward wooden blocks to juggle the heddle into when weaving, the Dynamic Heddle loom uses rare earth magnets to secure the heddle in place. It makes the weaving movement fast, easy and most importantly fun. The heddle mounts have been machined in such a way that the loom supports double heddle weaving from standard.

Majacraft have included an integrated warping frame on the back of the loom for indirect warping that can create a warp up to four metres long. There is also an Easy Warp tool included with the loom for fast indirect warping.

The loom has special warp pegs that can be used to mount it comfortably on a table if you wish to weave on a table or alternatively a stand is available.

The Dynamic Heddle loom folds in half so is very portable. This keeps it very compact when not in use or easy to move if you wish to transport it.

Included with the loom is:

- 1 24" Dynamic Heddle Loom
- A set of 9 reed segments (EITHER 9x4dpi reeds OR 3x2dpi, 3x4dpi, 3x6dpi reeds
- Shuttle
- Flat hook
- Long Hook
- Direct warping block
- Majacraft bench clamp
- 7 warp pegs (+ 2 extra short pegs that are used for a table mount)
- Easy Warp tool
- Warp cords

Majacraft Dynamic Heddle Loom Stand
Majacraft Dynamic Heddle Loom Stand
The Majacraft loom stand for the Dynamic Heddle Loom has been designed to be easy to use. The loom fits in two slots and has two finger screws for the braces. The stand uses a pair of sliding braces that allow the angle of the loom to be adjusted until it is perfect for you. These braces can be locked into position so the loom is very secure. The feet spacing is wide so the loom is stable and steady while you are working.

There are also a pair of threaded inserts on the horizontal brace that are added for aftermarket accessories. If you have a creative idea for a little enterprise utilising these screw holes then contact us and we can send you the dimensions!

This stand will hold your loom excellently during weaving and will store it compactly in place should you wish to fold it up between sessions

Majacraft Dynamic Heddle Loom Carry Bag
Majacraft Dynamic Heddle Loom Carry Bag
A custom made carry bag is available if you like to take your weaving with you. It is made with Majacraft green material with lime accents. The bag has extra pockets for warp pegs, tools and all the other indespensible knick knacks required for weaving.

Majacraft Reed Segment Set
Majacraft Reed Segment Set
The reed segments are the key to the Dynamic Heddle loom. They are approximately 55mm (2") long and the heddle will take up to nine segments. Majacraft currently produce 1DPI, 2DPI, 4DPI, 6DPI, 8DPI and 10DPI reed segments. One Reed Segment Set comes with 9 individual reeds of the same DPI. Select which reed set you want from the dropdown menu. Prices all include postage and start at $52 - 1DPI, $54.50 - 2DPI $58.50 - 4DPI, $62.00 - 6DPI, $73.00- 8DPI and $86.50 - 10DPI.

Majacraft Dynamic Heddle Mixed Reed Set
Majacraft Dynamic Heddle Mixed Reed Set
The reed segments are the key to the Dynamic Heddle loom. They are approximately 55mm (2") long and the heddle will take up to nine segments. The Mixed Reed set comes with 9 mixed 2DPI |4DPI | 6DPI - or contact us if you would like to create your own custom set from the range available!

An extra heddle for your Dynamic Heddle Loom, for your double heddle weaving (you may want to also purchase the heddle holders for warping) or as a spare. As with all our prices, shipping is included!

Double Heddle Warping Mount
Double Heddle Warping Mount
If you are interested in doing some double heddle weaving on your Dynamic Heddle loom, and exploring all the wonderful patterns you can create this way, you will also want to pick up some heddle mounts for holding your second heddle, making warping so much easier!

You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to set up, warp and start weaving on the Majacraft Dynamic Heddle loom, watch Suzy’s video demonstration for the Direct Warp method, this can take as little as half an hour from start to finish and ready to weave!

Majacraft Circle Weaving Loom
Majacraft Circle Weaving Loom
Originally designed specifically to accompany the Fiberygoodness Golden Fleece Creativity Course, the Majacraft Circular Looms are a novel, fun and portable way of taking your weaving with you.

These wee looms are quick and easy to warp and simple to use, perfect for beginner weavers. Delve deeper though and you will also find these looms are incredibly versatile, and can be warped in a multitude of different ways to create many shapes and effects, even 3D! Experienced weavers can also create their own new challenges with these looms.

Don't forget to download the 'Warp Speed' ebook from Majacraft (linked below) as well as Suzy's tutorials for getting started, and watch as she demonstrates different ways to use these awesome little looms.

You can choose either the 180mm (7.1"), 275mm (10.8") or 450mm (17.7") loom depending on the size of project you have in mind.

If you are on Facebook you can aso join the Circle Weaving Group on Facebook where people are sharing knowledge, ideas and new ways to use circular looms.

Prices include worldwide shipping

Suzy has made a series of video demonstrations for the Circular loom, as well as written some manuals on how to use it! You should also check out the Booklet co-written by Suzy and Andrew Poad (Majacraft) for use with the circle looms, filled with patterns for different ways to warp this very versatile tool! Scroll through the following resources for all you need to know about circle weaving.





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