• Wendy Hartley

    Wendy Hartley

  • Rebecca Chase

    Rebecca Chase

  • Patricia Tasker

    Patricia Tasker

  • Nicola Swinnerton

    Nicola Swinnerton

  • Claudia Pinto

    Claudia Pinto

  • Belinda Bayer

    Belinda Bayer

  • Becky Mann

    Becky Mann

  • Ann Fernholz

    Ann Fernholz

  • Ani Montalvo

    Ani Montalvo

  • Vicki Browne

    Vicki Browne

  • Maree Sharples

    Maree Sharples

  • Maja Ciska

    Maja Ciska

  • Katie Wright

    Katie Wright

  • Katie Wright

    Katie Wright

  • Katie Wright

    Katie Wright

  • Karen Katsaros

    Karen Katsaros

  • Julienne Hanson

    Julienne Hanson

  • Myra Kness

    Myra Kness

  • Ana Montalvo

    Ana Montalvo

  • Roxanne Zahller

    Roxanne Zahller

  • Lisa Woof

  • KathyWithers3

    Kathy Withers

  • Randi Winters 3-1

    Randi Winters

  • Randi Winters

    Randi Winters 3

  • DonellaWilsonMod3

    Donella Wilson

Module One Student Yarns (The Call to Adventure)

Module Two Student Yarns (The Road of Trials)

Module Four Student Yarns (Meeting the Goddess)

Module Five Student Yarns (The Boon)

Module Six Student Yarns (The Magic Flight)

Module Seven Student Yarns (Master of Two Worlds and the Freedom to Live)

Module Eight Final Projects (Imparting Wisdom)

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